Tomsk International Science Program


About the program

Tomsk State University invites you to an international bachelor's degree program in natural sciences.

TISP enables everyone to form their own curriculum, choosing from a wide range of disciplines in biology, physics, chemistry, neuroscience, biomedicine, and more.

Studying on the program allows you to work in the best scientific teams of TSU, bring to life ambitious projects and learn how to get world-class results in science, economy and the future.
*Pass the exams successfully and get a 30% discount!
Tuition Fee*
4 years
Funded slots
September 1 2021
Start of the Program
TSU, Tomsk
Natural Sciences
Subject field


Freedom to choose
Сombine courses, skills and projects from a wide range of natural science and interdisciplinary fields
At the TISP, we use a diverse range of assessment methods: exams, papers, peer review, presentations or lab reports.
In Projects TISP students collaborate with experts to tackle global issues. In this environment TISP students learn to work with each other, and draw from the knowledge of interdisciplinary academic fields.


The main method of instruction is Problem-Based Learning (PBL). You work in small tutorial groups of about 12 students on scientific and social issues, usually in the form of case studies.

Problem-Based Learning

Our academic advisors understand both the academic environment of the program and your future professional environment in the natural sciences.

Academic advising

At TISP a lot of attention is paid to the development of your academic skills. At the end of every semester, you'll put your acquired knowledge and skills into practice during a four-week project.

Skills training

After the 1st year you will be proposed to participate in a student exchange program in one of TSU partner Universities

Academic mobility

We are creating a lively academic community with students and staff from all over the world. The diversity of cultural backgrounds and perspectives enlivens the small-group discussions and enriches your academic experience.

International academic community
We challenge you to create your own curriculum, chosen from a wide range of disciplines, guided by advisors and driven by your own skills, interests and ambitions.
Unique program
Master's programs after TISP
Depending on the courses and skills trainings you take, you will be well-prepared for a master's in physics, chemistry, biology or neuroscience at either Tomsk State University or other top international institutions.
The TISP will prepare you for a variety of career opportunities such as a researcher at a university or scientific institute or a scientist at an international company or enterprise, and even start your own business in science or technology.
Career prospects
DegreeGraduates of the TISP are awarded with an internationally recognised Bachelor of Science degree.


• climate and ecology
• biomedical and cellular technologies
• "smart" materials
• biophotonics
Scientific directions


    Pass the entrance exams successfully and get a 30% discount
    Get a Higher School Diploma
    On the basis of it you will be able to submit documents to the admissions committee
    Be fluent in English
    The Program is taught in English, the knowledge of it is required for studying

    IELTS or TOEFL ARE NOT required
    Pass the entrance exams
    For Russian applicants:
    General state Exams - Russian Language, Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry

    For International applicants
    Online Exam - Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry, Interview with the Program Head (in English)
    Wait for the results of the contest
    In accordance with the rating lists, applicants who have scored more points and provided the original document will be enrolled to the Program

    The Admissions committee will notify you of this



    TSU is the oldest university in the Russian part of Asia, in Western Siberia
    It was founded in 1878 in Tomsk as the First Siberian Imperial University.

    Tomsk State University offers you the best living conditions, in a modern dormitory, and in the central part of Tomsk city.


    Participate in Online School
    Complete tasks and get additional points for admission to Tomsk State University

    Till Online School starts left
    Online School Schedule
    2022 January, 24—27
    connection link
    Monday, January 24
    Greeting, presentation of TISP

    Irina Kurzina
    Head of TISP, professor

    16:10 - 17:30

    Neda Firoz,
    PhD student of TSU
    Tuesday, January 25
    How to improve your memory according to neuroscience?

    Solomina Yevgeniya,
    Master's of Biomedical Sciences, author of Biology and Neurobiology course at TISP, PBL tutor

    17:30 - 19:00
    Not boring mathematics

    Mikhail Semenov,
    associate professor of TPU, Tomsk
    Wednesday, January 26
    16:00 - 17:00
    Introduction to neuroscience

    Zhukova Irina,
    Associate Professor, Siberian State Medical University, Ph.D
    Wednesday, January 27
    17:00 - 18:30
    Preparation and characterization of bionanocomposites

    Visakh P. M.,
    assistant Professor in TUSUR University, Tomsk, Russia
    Plan your arrival in Tomsk and start your university life


    Yana Baitserova (Russia)
    3nd year student of TISP

    The most important thing that has changed for me is my perspectives and my view on the future. I understand more clearly what I would like to do in the future in scientific and professional terms.

    Professors from Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, and the United Kingdom are invited to the TISP program. This is a great opportunity to get an international education in Tomsk.
    Martin Ngambi (Cameroon)
    3nd year student of TISP

    What I like most about the TISP program is the relationship that develops between professors and students. They help us identify our research interests. We jointly solve scientific cases, conduct research, and implement projects.

    I would recommend TISP to ambitious people who are not afraid to learn. Studying on the program allows us first to study different areas in the field of natural sciences, and then choose our own training track. This makes the program unique!
    Loskutova Olga (Russia)
    2st year student of TISP

    I chose TISP because I saw opportunities that are not available in other faculties. I thought we'd be doing research, doing serious research. And so it turned out. Already during the first year, we wrote scientific articles! Without our own discoveries for now, but everything is still ahead.

    I would advise anyone who wants to become a scientist to go to TISP. There are two reasons for this. First, you will be given a basic knowledge of all natural sciences. Secondly, this program provides an opportunity to learn from the world's best specialists already in the first year.
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